About the Embraer Phenom 300


The Phenom 300 is the second of the light jets being brought to market by Embraer – the first is the entry-level Phenom 100, certified in 2008. The 300 was announced at an investment analysts meeting in Washington on May 3 2005 and unveiled at EBACE a few weeks later. The Phenom name was announced at NBAA in November 2005. The maiden flight was ahead of schedule on April 2008. Brazilian certification occurred on December 4 2009 with FAA approval at the end of the month and EASA in May 2010.


Embraer has added a new seating configuration option with two-place divan and and an optional refreshment center which is very useful for high density conflagrations. The Phenom 300’s maximum range, originally designed to be 1, 800 nautical miles (3, 334 kilometers), but has been extended to 1, 971 nautical miles (3, 650 km) with six occupants and NBAA IFR reserves. Runway performance also improved significantly over the initial targets. Takeoff field length, at maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is now 3, 138. Сlimb performance also allows the aircraft to depart from sea level at MTOW and reach its operational ceiling of 45,000 feet in only 25 minutes.The light jet offers single-point refueling and an externally serviced lavatory as well as protected wing leading edge.

Aircraft Data

  • ICAO Code:E55P
  • Manufacture:Embraer
  • Class:Jet
  • Crew:1-2
  • Passengers:6-9
  • Engines:2
  • Max Speed:834 km/h
  • MTOW:7, 951 kg
  • Max Range:3, 650 km
  • Max Flight Level:45 feet