Membership still has its privileges

Private Jet Membership Privileges

The Exclusive Aero Club was born out of more than a decade of building the finest private aviation firm to date. We have and will remain loyal to the very principle of our name; Exclusive. When one joins the Aero Club we don’t tweet about it, we embrace it. You, too, can enjoy the private jet charter experience in a totally different way. Welcome aboard the Exclusive Aero Club.

Access to the Exclusive Aero Club is through application only or through an existing Aero Club member referral. Once accepted there is a reasonable initiation fee and low annual dues.

We screen our members, unlike other private jet programs. Our members truly become part of an Exclusive Club that revel in benefits that reach far beyond private aviation. You'll find unparalleled luxury on our charter flights.

The Exclusive Aero Club gives you private jet owner privileges without purchasing, buying fractions, or having to buy an hourly card.

Exclusive Aero Club Membership Guarantee:

  • Only pay for occupied hourly pricing when you fly
  • Exclusive access to our best in class Piaggio Avanti IIs, the only program that offers the Avanti II
  • Guaranteed hourly rates on Exclusive's light jets, mid-size jets, super-mid size jets and heavy aircraft
  • Opportunity to choose between private jet classes without additional fees
  • Opportunity to gain points on our Exclusive routes
  • Priority on the charter jet fleets one-way or empty leg routes
  • Exclusive catering menu that includes member private stock that is complimentary on every leg - Card Members Only
  • Priority Access to 24/7 SUV (U.S. and Worldwide luxury SUV service)
  • Access to Exclusive concierge and lifestyle planning services
  • Exclusive access and rebates on our private yacht fleet made up of 125+ Trinity, Christensen and Feadship yachts, and 65+ foot luxury sailing catamarans
  • Access to the Exclusive partner network of hotels and private villas
  • Access to Exclusive events and networking functions
Choose the plan that’s right for you


Exclusive Aero Club Payment Options
Pay per flight or pre-purchase. You are in control.
Fly On-Demand
Pay fixed hourly rates for occupied hours only. You only pay when you fly with no upfront card purchases. Direct access to our Avanti IIs and the exclusive fleet of over 27 aircraft.
The Exclusive Pre-Purchase Programs
Purchase hours on the Exclusive Fleet Card or up front credit and access additional guarantees, fewer peak days and additional benefits.


Fly on Demand

Fly on Demand automatically gives you the ability to "pay as you fly," offering little commitment without sacrificing cost savings or flexibility.

With no pre-purchase required, Members have access to the Exclusive private fleet of Piaggio Avanti IIS, Light Jets, Mid Jets, and Super-Mid Fleet 365 days a year, with 300 days of guaranteed availability (315 days for corporate members). You pay fixed hourly rates for occupied hours only, with just 24 hours advance notice required for booking..

The Exclusive Pre-Purchase Programs
Card Program

Purchase one of our Card Programs and receive greater guaranteed availability, priority peak day access and other benefits like complimentary catering on your flights. Cards can be purchased for the Piaggio Avanti II or the Hawker 800XP or a combination of the two.

25 50 100
Exclusive Credit Account

Purchase a dollar denominated account credit that can be used for flight services on any aircraft available through the Exclusive Program charging the hourly rate of the flights against your purchased amount. Access greater guaranteed availability, improved Peak Day access and other benefits that increase with the size of the purchase

100k 200k 400k 500k