Jason Johnson, Founding Partner, Founder


At the young age of 15, Jason entered the aviation industry fueling airplanes and working line service. He graduated from Dowling College with a B.S. in Aeronautics and is a commercial pilot. He is an Alumni of Alpha Eta Rho (an international professional aviation fraternity) and the Dowling Precision Flight Team. After graduation, he began training with TWA to fly the Boeing 727 and 747. Although it was an amazing experience for Jason it was not what his heart was set on. There was always a lingering thought about running and owning an airline. After a few years in a London-based private jet firm, Jason was determined to make a difference in the world of private air travel. With the help of a long time friend, Exclusive Charter Service was born. It was not a coincidence that the location chosen for the office was the same airport that Jason did his first solo flight. Now that ECS has had several successful years in business his proudest moment is being honored at the living Legend’s of Aviation by none other than John Travolta for donating a GV and being the first non-military aircraft to bring aid during the devastating earth quake in Haiti. Jason explained that “although we are just a part of the puzzle we are a crucial piece that brings help in times of crisis or a father home to their family”! Jason is proud to make such a difference in the world of aviation. He believes in his team and has goals as high as the stars there is no question that ECS has proven to be a fixture in the jet charter industry. With goals as ambitious as a private supersonic fleet, there seems to be little variation between what Jason imagines, and what ECS accomplishes!

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