Bolivia is a landlocked country located in western-central South America. The capital is Sucre while the seat of government and financial center is located in La Paz.

Bolivia Air Ports

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Apolo Apolo Airport SLAP
Ascención de Guarayos Ascención de Guarayos Airport SLAS
Bermejo Bermejo Airport SLBJ
Camiri Camiri Airport SLCA
Charaña Charaña Airport SLCN
Cobija Cap. Anibal Arab Airport SLCO
Cochabamba Jorge Wilstermann International Airport SLCB
Concepción Concepción Airport SLCP
Copacabana Copacabana Airport SLCC
Guayaramerín Guayaramerín Airport SLGM
La Paz / El Alto El Alto International Airport SLLP
Magdalena Magdalena Airport SLMG
Monteagudo Monteagudo Airport SLAG
Oruro Juan Mendoza Airport SLOR
Potosí Cap. Nicolas Rojas Airport SLPO
Puerto Suárez Puerto Suárez International Airport SLPS
Reyes Reyes Airport SLRY
Riberalta Riberalta Airport SLRI
Roboré Roboré Airport SLRB
Rurrenabaque Rurrenabaque Airport SLRQ
San Borja Cap. Av. Germán Quiroga Guardia Airport SLSB
San Ignacio de Moxos San Ignacio de Moxos Airport SLSM
San Ignacio de Velasco Capitán Av. Juan Cochamanidis Airport SLSI
San Javier San Javier Airport SLJV
San Joaquín San Joaquín Airport SLJO
San José de Chiquitos San José de Chiquitos Airport SLJE
San Matías San Matías Airport SLTI
San Ramón San Ramón Airport SLRA
Santa Ana del Yacuma Santa Ana del Yacuma Airport SLSA
Santa Cruz Viru Viru International Airport SLVR
Santa Cruz El Trompillo Airport SLET
Sucre Juana Azurduy de Padilla International Airport Closed SLSU
Sucre Alcantari airport SLAL
Tarija Cap. Oriel Lea Plaza Airport SLTJ
Trinidad Tte. Av. Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport SLTR
Vallegrande Cap. Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo Airport SLVG
Villamontes Tcnl. Rafael Pabón Airport SLVM
Yacuiba Yacuiba Airport SLYA

Bolivia Info

Official Name: Plurinational State of Bolivia
Official languages: Spanish and 36 indigenous languages
Demonym: Bolivian
Capital: Sucre
Largest city: Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Total: 1,098,581 km2 (424,164 sq mi)
% water: 1.29
Coordinates: 16°42′43.2″ S, 64°39′57.6″ W

Total: 11,248,864 2018 estimate
Density: 10.2/km2 (26.4/sq mi)

Government: Unitary presidential

Currency: Boliviano (BOB)

Time zones: UTC−4 (BOT)

ISO: 3166 BO
Internet TLD: .bo