The Exclusive Aero Club Members Fleet

Our members have the freedom to choose the right plan that best fits their needs. Wether its individual, family or corporate charter our program allows you to choose from 7 different aircraft categories.

The Exclusive Aero Club was designed with the sole purpose to offer our members with the Absolute "Best In Class” aircraft available in todays charter market. Our best in class aircraft are based on a fine balance of 3 very important factors we call the E factor, That is; Aircraft Performance, Efficiency and Cabin Comforts.

What this means to our members is that they will fly faster and have access to more airports with shorter fields, lower hourly rates and larger cabins. Our Best in Class Fleet and our commitment to exceptional Service is why Exclusive has more members then any other program on the market. Call us today today and ask to speak with a Charter Advisor to learn more about our best in class fleet and services today.

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