Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

The Piaggio Avanti vastly outperforms all other turboprops and even noses past some light jets, it is the fastest business turbo-prop available today, with speeds of 100KTS faster then the King Air 350 the Piaggio Avanti II is the most sought after aircraft of CEO's and fortune 100 companies. The bottom line is you get there faster and spend less.

24 HOUR*


The Exclusive Best in Class Fleet Available Today

As most businesses are ever-changing and need flexibility when they travel, the Exclusive Aero Club guarantees access to over 27 different aircraft that offer fixed point to point pricing.

Your firm can buy hours on one aircraft and simply decide to fly another, if a particular trip required the performance or seating capacity of a larger or smaller aircraft. Our members don't have to pay any upgrade fees in order to take advantage of our flex plan, your hours are simply converted and billed at the rate of the aircraft you flew. The flex plan is pure efficiency because you use the aircraft that's best suited for the mission.

We fly WIFI!!! We utilize GOGO in-flight wifi, the fastest and most efficient internet at altitude. We know how important it is to stay connected therefore we are adding WIFI to 90% of our fleet.

With over 100M of insurance and both Argus and Wyvern Certified Exclusive promises to deliver an unparalleled level of safety. Managed under part 135 Certificate number 19JA781M by our parent company Custom Jet Charters LLC.

Our Commitment to Safety is Your Total Peace of Mind.

We believe safety starts from the moment you make your call and speak to your Aviation Specialist. It's important that your specialists has knowledge of airports, runway lengths, and operational characteristics of the aircraft you decide to fly. Exclusive team members maintains its own safety oversight and has implemented a Safety Management System to add an additional layer of safety to our operation. Exclusive is the only company of its kind to have implemented a continual education for non operational positions.

Tailored Corporate Programs.

We understand that not all businesses have the same transportation needs. Let our aviation specialist work with you to build a solution around our corporate program that is best suited to meet your travel and financial parameters.

Your Complete Aviation Department.

As an Exclusive member our team becomes an extension of your company. From arranging ground transportation to setting up meeting locations, the Exclusive program will not only offer you an efficient way to fly but also help manage your time from both point of pick up to your drop off location. Speak to a membership representative today to learn more contact us at 1-888-522-0883 or email at

*12 hour Advance Notice available with certain Pre-Purchase Programs.
To inquire about individual/family membership, contact us at 1888-522 0883